Recent publications by Steve McKay

Steve McKay and colleagues have an article in Politics and Gender that looks at the UK Parliament’s select committee system that presents the results of tests for the impact of four variables previously found to be important in explaining changes in gendered divisions of labour: the system of appointment/election, the proportion of female representatives in the legislature, sharp increases in the number of female representatives, and changes in government from right-wing parties to left-wing parties. The article finds that horizontal and vertical divisions of labour persist over time and that select committee membership patterns in the United Kingdom mainly correspond to those found elsewhere. Moreover, there is little evidence that any of the four variables have systematically affected membership patterns.

Steve and colleagues have also recently produced work looking at the gender composition of university politics departments in the UK:

Young, Z. P., Amery, F., Bates, S. H., McKay, S., & Miller, C. (2020). Response to Women in the Profession? Assuming Gender in the Analysis of the Composition of UK Politics Departments. Political Studies Review.

Pflaeger Young, Z., Amery, F., Holden Bates, S., McKay, S., Miller, C. et al. (2020). Women in the Profession: An Update on the Gendered Composition of the Discipline and Political Science Departments in the UKPolitical Studies Review.