Opening Up Parliamentary Leadership and Governance: An Agenda-Setting Workshop hosted by ParliLinc

Thursday 21 May 2020

University of Lincoln

The PSA Parliaments and PSA Leadership Specialist Groups invite participants to contribute to a one-day workshop, hosted by the newly-established Lincoln Parliamentary Research Centre (ParliLinc), to open up a new topic in political science: understanding and interpreting leadership in legislative settings. Curiously unexplored, we wish to bridge a number of literatures (including political psychology, parliamentary studies, gender studies, leadership studies, executive studies, policy studies, and beyond) to understand how MPs and officials in legislative settings undertake leadership and governance roles. We are interested in exploring issues relating to leaders and leadership in the legislature (whips, leaders of the house, select committee chairs, senior parliamentary staff), governance and administrative structure, parliamentary identity, and organisational developments. Contributions can be focused on the UK, or can be  comparative, relating to national and/or regional legislatures (see also the PSA blog post here).

This workshop is funded by the PSA Pushing the Boundaries fund.

The workshop will conclude with the launch of the Lincoln Parliamentary Research Centre (ParliLinc).

We welcome short discussion papers, blog posts, and full papers. Send name, affiliation and a brief outline of your paper/ideas to Mark Bennister ( or Marc Geddes ( by 31 March 2020.